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We understand that each All American Ramp Rental case is unique and we want to provide the best options available for every situation. Below are a few things to consider.

When should I buy or rent an access/wheelchair ramp?

In general, it is recommended to buy if your ramp needs are expected to be longer than 9 months because the rental will add up to be more than the purchase price.

What if I am unsure how long I will need a ramp?

In cases where you are not sure how long you will need the ramp, we suggest that you start off renting.

What if I need the ramp I’m renting for a longer period of time and want to buy it?

If at any time it appears that you will be keeping the ramp, All American Ramp Rentals will convert up to 75% of the monthly rental fees paid and apply that towards the ramp’s purchase price.

Ramp Rental Process

Getting Started

To get started with a ramp rental we will need our Ramp Rental Form completed. You can find the form by hovering over the Rent or Buy tab on the menu bar and clicking on the ramp rental form drop down to complete and submit the form online. You may also download a copy to print off.  After filling out all the information, you would then fax or email the form back to us.

Contacting Patient

After receiving the Ramp Rental Form we will then contact the patient or caregiver to set up a mutually agreed upon day and time to install the ramp system. During this time we will ask a series of questions to help us better understand the specific ramping needs of the patient or end user.


With our FAST TO SERVE motto, we will get your ramp completely installed within 24 hours after first contact. We have the ability to evaluate and install an ADA ramp in the same day. If an estimate is needed we do offer rough estimates, all we would need is the rise or the number of steps going up to the door.


After the ramp is installed All American Ramp Rentals will submit pictures showing what was installed, the customer sign off/approval form, and the first invoice. The first invoice will include the first-months rental fee and the ramp installation fee.  Every month after All American Ramp Rentals will submit an invoice with just the monthly rental fee. If at any time during the month the patient no longer needs the ramp system simply fax or email a stop payment and All American Ramp Rentals will adjust that month’s invoice to reflect only the days the ramp was in use.  When the ramp is picked up All American Ramp Rentals will submit the final invoice.  The final invoice will include any monthly rental fees incurred during the month and the ramp removal fee.


All American Ramp Rentals offers free maintenance on all rental ramps for the entire rental duration. This includes any natural wear and tear (bolt comes loose, ramp settles in the ground, etc.). Maintenance could be charged if the ramp was tampered with or damaged by the patient/end user (ramp hit by a vehicle, trying to move the ramp or take the ramp apart, etc.).

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