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What are the ramp systems made of?

All American Ramp Rental ramps are made of durable, light-weight, aluminum. All American Ramp Rental ramps will never rust or corrode.

What can be used on the ramp for snow/ice removal?

Customers may use a broom, shovel, or any commercial ice melting application to remove snow or ice from the system.

How much does a ramp evaluation/assessment cost?

All assessments/evaluations are performed free of charge.

How much is a monthly rental cost?

Monthly rental costs vary depending on job size, and how long the ramp system will be in the field.  Call us at 517-278-3293 or email us at information@allamericanramprentals.com for a free estimate.

How much does it cost for a ramp installation?

Installation costs vary depending on job size and permit requirements.

How much does it cost for a ramp removal?

Ramp removal fees usually match the initial installation fee for each particular job.

How large of a ramp system do I need?

Ramp system length varies depending on the initial rise of a person’s home or porch. The slope of the ground from where the system starts and terminates. Also if there are space restrictions/obstacles or a set ending point that needs to be reached.

What Codes do I need to meet?

ADA Codes would like to see one foot of ramping per every inch of total rise (Initial Rise +/- Yard Slope). This is referred to as 1/12. Less ramp may be used if there are space restrictions.

How quickly can a ramp be installed?

All American Ramp Rentals’ standard service level likes to complete all requests within 24 hours for business days. All American Ramp Rentals also offers same day, weekend, and holiday installations for emergencies.

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