How much does a monthly rental cost?

Because safety is at the forefront of everything that we do, each and every one of our ramps are custom-tailored specifically for each customer and their unique needs. For that reason, no two ramps are exactly alike, and therefore, neither are the costs associated with them.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at All American Ramp Rentals, and therefore we’ve provided a full explanation of the estimating process here.

How much does a ramp evaluation/assessment cost?

All American Ramp Rentals is happy to offer our home evaluations or site visits completely free of charge and without any commitment from the customer. This is our way of ensuring that we’re providing each and every customer with the most accurate estimate for a safe, secure handicap ramp system, custom-tailored to their unique needs and their home.

Are there any additional fees associated with a rental?

Aside from the monthly rental fee, All American Ramp Rentals charges an initial installation fee due at the time of installation, and a ramp removal fee due with the final payment.

Just like the cost of the ramp, the installation varies depending on the size of the ramp being installed and the distance traveled from our headquarters in Coldwater, Michigan. The ramp removal fee will generally be the same as the ramp installation fee.

What are the ramp systems made of?

All of our ramps systems are made of durable, lightweight, aluminum components, providing a low-maintenance, rust-free, and non-corrosive solution designed to withstand a lifetime of continuous use.

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How should I remove snow and/or ice from my ramp system?

Snow and ice can be removed from your ramp system by shoveling, sweeping, or using any commercially available ice melting products, such as salt. We recommend using a plastic shovel and a stiff-bristled brush to remove the snow and ice without scratching or damaging the ramp.

How large of a ramp system do I need?

All of our ramps are installed according to ADA guidelines, which require a minimum of 12-inches of length for every 1-inch of rise. Therefore, if your ramp is needed to rise 21-inches from the ground to the entryway door, you will need 21-feet of ramp.

If you don’t know the rise at this time, you can estimate the length of ramp needed based on the number of existing stairs where the ramp will be located. You can do this by assuming the stairs are built to code and are roughly 7-10 inches tall, so three existing stairs would equal a rise of 21-30 inches, and require a ramp that is at least 21-feet long.

This is just a general rule of thumb for estimating the length of ramp necessary, but actual length can vary greatly depending on a number of different factors, including existing landscaping, obstacles, or additional ADA requirements.

What codes do I need to meet?

All of our ramps are installed according to ADA guidelines, which can be found here.

In some circumstances, a permit may be required before installing a ramp system. In these cases, different codes may be necessary depending on the permit requirements.

How quickly can a ramp be installed?

Your freedom is important. That’s why we try to complete all requests, including evaluations and installation, within one-business-day, or as quickly as the same day for emergencies.

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When should I buy or rent an access/wheelchair ramp?

The general rule for when to purchase your ramp versus renting is for installations that will be needed for more than nine months. At that point, the cost of renting the ramp is likely to exceed the purchase price for the same ramp.

We recommend purchasing your ramp from Rampit USA.

What if I am unsure how long I will need a ramp?

If you don’t know how long you will need your ramp, we recommend starting with a rental and can discuss purchasing options later down the road if necessary.

What if I need the ramp I’m renting for a longer period of time and want to buy it?

If at any time during your rental period, you decide that you would like to keep your ramp, we will apply up to 75% of the monthly rental fees paid toward the purchase of the ramp.

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