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Beginning with the first point of contact, whether you call us, email us, send us a message on Facebook, or use any one of the contact forms on this site, our experienced team of accessibility experts has one priority, and that’s to provide you with a safest, most dependable handicap access ramp that we can, and to do so as quickly as possible.

Ensuring your safety is our number one priority. That means that our ramps are designed, built, and installed with a tremendous amount of care and attention to detail. This process can take some time, but you can rest assured knowing that our team has your best interest in mind, and we’re doing everything that we can to deliver your ramp as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, our team will be with you every step of the way, standing by to answer your questions or to help in any way that we can.

*Please note: the following process is for private rentals from All American Ramp Rentals to an individual. Although similar, the process could vary slightly for rentals handled through an insurance agency or care facility.

Getting started

This is the easiest part. Whether you have a question or you’re looking for an estimate on a ramp rental, just give us a call, email us, send us a message on Facebook, or use any one of the contact forms on this site to tell us how we can help.

All of our contact information is available on the contact us page, including several different options for requesting a quote, scheduling a home evaluation, or just getting an estimate.

The most important thing that our team is going to need to know right away is where you’re located and the rise of the ramp that you might need. The rise is the distance from the ground to the top of the door threshold where the ramp will lead. If you don’t know the rise, that’s ok, we can figure that out later on down the road.

Request an estimate

How much does a ramp rental cost? This is one of the most common questions that we get regarding our ramp rentals. Our team will always do our best to answer that question as quickly and accurately as possible, but to do so, we will generally need some information from you first.

We explain our estimating process in much greater detail here, but in short, every ramp installation is different, and therefore the cost of every ramp will be different.

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, there are a few pieces of information that we’ll need to know right away—where you’re located, the estimated rise of the ramp, and whether or not there’s a porch or landing area at the top of the steps. This information tells us a lot about your rental and gives our team enough to give you a quick, rough estimate of what it might cost. Of course, the more information you can provide, either with pictures, a description of the property, or even a drawing, the more accurate our estimate will be.

To get an estimate, give us a call, email us, send us a message on Facebook, or just fill out the estimate form on our contact page.

Schedule a site evaluation

It’s important to understand that, although many times our estimates are fairly accurate, it’s still just an estimate. Without seeing the property for ourselves and taking very specific measurements, it’s impossible for us to provide you with the actual cost of your rental.

Again, a more detailed explanation of this process is available here, but in short, we want to see the property for ourselves and take our own measurements, ensuring that we’re taking every possible detail into consideration to provide you with the safest ramp possible. This is why our home evaluations are completely free of charge and are always done without any type of written or verbal obligation from you.

You’re welcome to request a free site evaluation at any time, either before or after you receive an estimate, but it’s also important to note that an evaluation will always be required to provide a written quote and before beginning an installation.

Site evaluations can be scheduled in as little as 24-hours, or in the event of an emergency, the same day that they’re requested. In many cases, we’re able to complete the site evaluation on the same visit, just prior to the installation of the ramp.

To schedule an evaluation, give us a call, email us, send us a message on Facebook, or just fill out the evaluation request form on our contact page.

Get a quote

Getting a quote is the final step before our team begins installing your ramp. We will have already visited your home, either the day of installation or prior, and taken all of the necessary measurements to design and build your ramp.

Along with a written quote, our team will walk you through the proposed ramp layout and explain all of the necessary details. Our ramp rentals are designed for your safety and adhere to all required ADA guidelines. This could mean that your ramp may be longer than you would like, or that it there’s an additional platform for resting, but we assure you that this is for your safety and that we will never include any unnecessary components to your ramp.

Once we explain the quote and walk you through the layout, all that is left for you to do is sign the agreement and our team will get started assembling your ramp.

Installation of the ramp

If you scheduled your evaluation and installation on the same day, our team will get started assembling your ramp right away. If your evaluation was done prior to the installation, our team will contact you to schedule a day and time for installing your ramp.

Most installations can be completed in just a couple of hours, but in some cases, depending on the size of the ramp, installations could take a full day or even multiple days.

Following the installation, before leaving the property, our team will walk you through all of the features of the ramp, explaining how to use the ramp safely and what kind of upkeep should be done in the event of harsh weather or snow. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have at this time.


The installation fee for your ramp rental will be due at the time of installation and varies depending on the distance traveled and the complexity of the ramp. Your first invoice will arrive shortly after the installation and will be due every 30 days for the duration of your rental.

At the end of your rental, just notify us that the ramp is no longer needed and we’ll stop billing immediately, not when we pick up the ramp. Once the ramp has been picked up, we’ll send your final invoice including the removal fee.


Although there’s generally no maintenance necessary on our ramps, All American Ramp Rentals does offer free maintenance for the duration of the ramp rental. This covers normal wear and tear along with any adjustments that may be necessary—including bolts coming loose or the ramp settling into softer ground.

We do, however, reserve the right to charge a maintenance fee if the ramp was tampered with, misused, or damaged by the patient or anyone else.

Ask an accessibility expert!

Do you have a question for our team? Feel free to ask us below or check out our frequently asked questions to see if it may have been answered before. If you’re looking for an estimate or to schedule an evaluation, please head on over to our contact page to answer a couple of questions so that we can better assist you.

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